Understanding and Protecting the Health of Your Eyes

About Me

Understanding and Protecting the Health of Your Eyes

A few years ago, I realised I had a long routine at the beginning and end of each day to take care of my body (yoga and cardio), my skin (exfoliating and cleansing) and my mind (reading and crossword puzzles). However, I had nothing in place to take care of my eyes. Arguably, as much as I love to be in shape and have great skin, I appreciate the ability to see even more. After that epiphany, I started taking better care of my eyes. I studied the risks of sun exposure and began to wear sunglasses, but that was only one step of the process. Hi, my name is Anne. Welcome to my blog. Take a look, and I hope these posts help your eyes.

Who Is an Optometrist?

An optometrist is the eye doctor you visit if you are experiencing any problems with your eyes. These problems can include blindness, far- or short-sightedness, cloudy vision, difficulty reading, difficulty seeing at night or during the day, highly sensitive eyes, headaches that seem to be coming from your eyes, black stripes or spots in your vision, etc. What to Expect in an Optometrist Clinic When you visit the optometrist clinic, you are expected to inform the optometrist of your symptoms, after which he or she will ask you questions. Read More